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What Are They Saying?

Jerry W., EdEvents Director 

Dr. Green kicked off our 22nd Annual Transition Conference in an energetic, personal and resourceful way.  Her interactions with the educators; knowledge and delivery of diversity and inclusion captivated the audience.  I appreciated and marveled at the ease in which she engaged nearly 300 attendees throughout both the keynote address and subsequent workshop.

Sarah F., Teacher

Dr. Green is very energetic and spreads a happy vibe throughout her presentations. She is very informed on the topics she presents. I look forward to hearing from her on PD days! Together, we have set goals for the end of this year as well as for starting the new school year!

Tom C., Executive Director

As I acclimated to my new role, Dr. Green was a voice of sophistication, reason and know-how at a time of significant transition. Ongoingly, Dr. Green has been seen as a true expert in our work and allowed our staff to lean on her expertise and grow.

Jessica M., Teacher

Dr. Green is extremely knowledgeable and you can really tell that she is passionate about helping schools to improve. She somehow found a way to make this very intimidating subject of curriculum development more approachable and to help us feel more prepared for the upcoming school year.

Barbi S., Career Specialist

Dr. Green is very motivational but also down to earth. She is engaging and knows her content. I felt very comfortable talking about diversity which can be a sensitive topic and sharing experiences during her training. I'd love to have her back anytime!

Chris F., Teacher

Dr. Green's energy is magnetic! Knowing that you're going to have to sit through a PD can taint your attitude before the session. But, Dr. Green's engagement and interaction with the faculty made this session very enjoyable.

Dr. Khalil G., Executive Director

Dr. Green’s experience and expertise have truly been an asset to our staff. I am certain that her services will benefit any school, network, or district that she supports. I highly recommend her for support.

Kate D., Curriculum Leader

Dr. Green provides high energy and inclusivity in her PD. She is able to make everyone more comfortable when discussing difficult topics. She also makes sure we think forward to try to ensure implementations are continued.

Elizabeth J., Teacher

Dr. Green did a great presentation on Diversity. It really opened my eyes to things I need to work on.

Melanie D., Teacher

Dr. Green was phenomenal, very helpful, knowledgeable, and relatable. I never knew how beneficial curriculum planning could be until Dr. Green's workshop.

Nichelle J., Literacy Coach

Dr. Green did an excellent job leading the Instructional Coaches Academy. Her activities were well-designed and targeted toward the actual work that instructional coaches do. The discussions and work that we did are immediately applicable to improve coaching techniques and relationships with teachers.

Sarah F., Teacher

Dr. Green is a very pleasant speaker and did a great job delivering key concepts of engaging students and running a classroom with limited disruptions. She also let us contribute to those ideas and share with others. I really enjoyed this professional development.

Melissa F., Math Coach

Dr. Green is very knowledgeable about all aspects of coaching from every perspective because she has served in all roles from Administration to the classroom.

Joanne V., Early Childcare Director

Dr. Green truly knows what she is talking about! Her training is fun, interesting, interactive and very informative! St Michael's Early Learning Center loves Dr. Green!

Regina B., Teacher

I participated in the PBIS training that Dr. Green taught. Her energy and enthusiasm gave life to this professional development. I felt connected to her because she used real-life examples and also engaged the participants in the training. I will be able to implement the tools and strategies she presented from Day 1.

Tanisha S., School Principal

My team and I really enjoy working with Dr. Green. She has definitely played an important role in helping us to get our school in order. We thank you Dr. Green!

Kathie C., Teacher

Dr. Green is passionate and determined to help teachers be the best educator they can be. She is a great speaker but also has been in the classroom so she can use her own personal experience as well as a parental perspective.

Brooke I., Media Specialist

The training was well thought out and planned and executed.

Yulmekia Z., Early Childcare Teacher

Where should I start? This woman was so sweet and very well spoken. She answered all questions. She even smiled at some of the group activities that we did. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to talk or just needs training to get their required hours for early learning educators. I really enjoyed and hope to see you again soon! Thank you Dr. Green! 💚💚💚

June L., Teacher

Dr. Green always has a fantastic presentation. I enjoy having her visit.

Jessica H., Literacy Coach

The professional development by Dr. Green was very beneficial as a new literacy coach. This helped me to understand the expectations of a coaching role and the benefits of implementing a coaching cycle.

Dr. Wanda W., Coordinator of Educator Evaluation and Certification

Dr. Green was employed to help with ADEPT formal observations.  Dr. Green was always prompt in answering emails and phone calls.  The professional judgement of Dr. Green was apparent in the comprehensive way in which she met the ADEPT requirements.  Dr. Green was also supportive of the Interim Principal who had never served as a principal.  I would highly recommend Dr. Green for any needs that your school may have from principal support to professional development and teacher observation and evaluation.


Tesheba F., STEM Coach

Dr. Green made the professional development very clear, interactive, and she made it personal. She gave us some wonderful strategies to utilize while observing teachers. This professional development had lots of key points. I would recommend it to any person that will be doing observations in the educational field.

Heidie C., Teacher

Dr. Green is a lot of fun and gave an engaging lesson. I was so excited to leave the workshop with a working classroom management plan.

Beulah M., Literacy Coach

Dr. Green was an excellent trainer. She was able to make each aspect of the training interesting as well as relatable to real life experiences. Although, each day was packed with lots of information, we were all eager to return in order to learn as much as we could, and I attribute that to her personality and the way she clearly presented daily.

Adria V., Teacher

I really enjoyed Dr. Green's session on Classroom Management. Her presentation and passion were purposeful and authentic. As an educator, it allowed me to reflect on how my classroom management strategies have developed and changed over time.


Monica J., Early Childcare Teacher

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Green ! She’s the Best instructor I’ve ever had. Not only do you leave her training full of knowledge, but also full of love and smiles!

Jacqui J., Teacher

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the PD; there were many fresh perspectives and tips on effective classroom management. Not being reactive; being more positive and congratulating out loud students that are demonstrating positive behaviors - ESPECIALLY in the upper grades; daily fresh starts; exuding confidence at all times; modeling the expectations and allowing students time to digest and model those same expectations (again, ESPECIALLY in upper grades). This PD provided the right combination of individual reflection, team collaboration/sharing and time to sit with and digest the information. Thank you for this experience!

Lorin B., Math Coach

This first session with Dr. Green was so helpful. It provided me with guidance and first steps I need to take to implement successful coaching year within my school. As a second year coach, her expertise was beneficial as I start the new school year!

Retrina H., Teacher

Dr. Green was a great presenter, she was very professional and helpful. I would love for her to continue to come to us through out the years to come!

Malik A., Early Childhood Coordinator

Dr. Green was a phenomenal asset to our staff! She was very enthusiastic and knew her content. She was able to answer all questions and provide examples of what to do and what not to do as it relates to rolling out an infrastructure for PBIS.

Nicky P., Teacher

Dr. Green's professional development on Managing Classroom Behavior was very beneficial. I especially loved the fact that we were given a template to begin working on our classroom management plans and that was very helpful in getting started.

Christi H., STEM Coach

As a first year coach I found this PD very helpful. The insight of Dr. Green gave me confidence to go do this very difficult job better!

Martin T., Teacher

Great curriculum development workshop! I look forward to a more organized, student focused, and structured year.

Sasha W., Literacy Coach

This PD was on target with what I needed! I learned a lot and am excited to implement what I learned during our PD.

Ashli E., Teacher

Dr. Green was so amazing when she came in! I had spent most days feeling like a failure, questioning if I majored in the wrong thing or if I should be a teacher at all. She came into my classroom, observed me, and made me feel like I was not alone. She assured me I was not alone that there were plenty of other first year teachers just like me across the state! She took time and sat down and made a classroom management plan, and helped me communicate the expectations to my students and their parents. She asked questions on why I did what I did and did not just tell me I was wrong. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Green for all the help she gave me.

Shasta S., Teacher

Dr. Green is always excited, humble, and honors your talent. She facilitates, collaborates, and empowers you rather than dictate!

Elizabeth P., Assistant Principal

Dr. Green provides detailed, personal feedback for partnering teachers. She tailors her services to the explicit needs of each teacher and classroom needs. Dr. Green is truly an asset to our school and our staff.


Jess R., Teacher

Hearing Dr. Green speak about classroom management today really brought me back to life for the upcoming school year. I feel ready and have a good plan going into the new school year. I also loved her stories that she incorporated while teaching!

Dr. Velma W., Director of Operations

Dr. Green is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about educators' continued professional growth and development.

Erica D., Literacy Coach

Dr. Green is an incredible asset to the educational community. She's is a consummate motivator, and always has a positive (encouraging) message for those she serves. She encourages everyone she mentors and/or supervises to set goals, work hard to attain them and reach their highest potential. Her feedback is always thoughtful, and she challenges you to never forget who you ultimately serve - which are the students.

As a result of her mentorship, I've grown as an educational leader. She models servant leadership and has taught me that every decision I make must be student centered, data driven, and equitable while remaining mindful of the teachers and staff members who serve under your leadership. 

Dr. Jerome R., School President

Thank you for spending time with our staff. Your teacher evaluation training session was a great conversation starter for our team, and it provided us with the common language and building blocks we needed to establish a top-notch evaluation process.

Redora B., Teacher

Dr. Green was knowledgeable teaching this subject. She had a good sense of humor with tact . She was good!

Luna V., Educational Consultant

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Green in the midst of making a career transition. In our first meeting, we connected immediately. Honestly, she was genuine and transparent from the initial meeting. So, I knew that I was in good hands. We started immediately with preparation and planning to get me ready to roll out my first consulting firm. The word “coach” took on a whole new meaning because of Dr. Green. She provided guidance, structure, and the motivation I needed to launch my firm. I am forever grateful to her! Because of her, I know that women can succeed in ANYTHING they put their mind to, especially when they have another woman cheering them on! If you are looking for that someone, give her a call!

Rosa J., Teacher

Great instructor! She addressed questions as asked. Gave us time to think about questions. Helped break down the information.

Erica S., Literacy Coach

Dr. Green is friendly, outgoing, and motivating. I appreciated the real-life examples and ideas she shared with all of us about effective strategies and plans to implement within our schools.

Asmaa R., Department Chair/Graduate Student

Dr. Green provided great leadership coaching that has enhanced my position as department chair and my performance in my graduate courses. I am more prepared to fill leadership roles.

Barbara L., Teacher

The training presented by Dr. Green was well presented. She was very knowledgeable of the information presented.

Eden W., Teacher

The professional development was beneficial because the Kindergarten team and I got together as a group, to start our classroom management plan for the school year, but also learning the DO's and DON'TS within our classroom management plan and teaching strategies that can be implemented in the classroom for our scholars.

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