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Equity in Education

Preschool Teacher and Students

4Green Educational Consulting is committed to helping educators achieve Equity in Education.


What is Equity in Education?

Also referred to as educational equity and equitable education, is a measure of fairness of opportunities, outcomes, resources, funding, and academic support in education.


Why is Equity in Education so important?

An equitable education helps ensure that all students obtain the knowledge and skills needed to become a production, contributing member of society. This type of education system will:

  • Strengthen the economy.

  • Improve communities.

  • Decrease crime.

  • Reduce money spent on public assistance programs.

  • Challenge the imbalance of power and privilege.


How do we create Educational Equity?

Creating an equitable education system is vital. This commitment must be made at all levels, including federal, state, school district, school, and classroom levels. According to 2017 Hanover Research, the following are a few essential aspects of building educational equity:

  • Valuing diversity

  • Having the capacity for cultural self-assessment

  • Understanding the dynamics of cultural interactions

  • Institutionalizing cultural knowledge and adapting to diversity

For more information on Equity in Education and achieving equitable education in your school or school district, please contact Dr. Green at

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